While flip phones might be considered prehistoric in the mobile technology world, they are not extinct. Cell phone manufacturers like NUU continue to develop and release new flip phone models. In fact, many flip phones like the F-1 have some of the latest features offered by smartphones. If you ask flip phone owners why they prefer flip phones over smartphones; the number of reasons might be surprising. Price, size, and convenience are the most obvious explanations.

Cell service providers still carry flip phones, and the flip phone resale market is booming. People who use newer flip phone models are not making much of a technological sacrifice since many of these phones like the NUU F-1include smartphone features, such as; high-speed connectivity, Internet access, Facebook, tweeter, FM Radio, VGA Camera, 1.7” LCD Panel, Bluetooth Enable, MicroSD Expandable storage slot,600mAh 3.7V lithium battery, dual SIMs: Quad Band GSM (850,900,1800,1900).

There are many reasons that make the F1 a perfect companion for every person; Price, size, convenience, durability, smart phone features, Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enable devices ,no more accidental dialing , simplicity, great battery life. The most important part its functional and keeps the kids entertained with the monkey game and adults with Facebook, tweeter and the FM Radio.

In conclusion the market for flip phones is alive and well making a big comeback. Plenty of cell phone users do not care if they can watch the latest movie on their phone, stay connected to social media day-and-night, or download thousands of apps. Consumers who do want such capabilities can probably find a flip phone that can meet those needs, as long as they are willing to work with a smaller phone. Hands down the F1 is an exceptional value for a flip phone.


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